In this outfit, I made my way to Berlin Fashion Week today. After a delayed train and a missed Styleranking Blogger Event, I managed to grab a healthy dinner at Daluma’s and made myself comfortable with my laptop. I guess for me Fashion Week starts tomorrow. Hence, you can already look forward to lots of Instagram Stories where I will be taking you along. The upcoming two days will be filled with blogger events, parties, shows and presentations. When I think about the fact that all of these work events involve fashion and luxury, I feel very lucky.

I am currently very much into everything turtleneck. However, putting on a RED knit is definitely a first for me. I honestly always thought of myself not being one to wear red. Overall, I thought I do not like it since my Mum doesn’t like red either. Well, I think I had the same issue as with raisins which I believed to not like for ages until I realized, it’s my Mum that doesn’t like them but actually, I do. In fact, when I presented myself in my new dark red turtleneck to my Mum, she was the first to say how much she loves the colour on me. Now, that I have my red issue figured out, who knows which colours land in my wardrobe next. Oh, but don’t you worry we are not going colourful or anything. I for sure do not like too much colour anywhere.

I love how well the red sweater works with my Burberry check scarf. The scarf immediately transfers something so basic into a complete look. I paired the mentioned items with my new Gucci GG Belt, a pair of black ankle boots and my favourite Céline Trio bag turned clutch. Most importantly, I managed to find a lipstick colour in my beauty drawer that perfectly matches the turtleneck. Why again did I not wear this berry-red colour for so long?