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I think I am getting closer to how I want this The Edit to be. I once again reconsidered the categories and turned them into the following: The Read, The Watch, The Listen, The Must Buy and The Recipe. This way I can pick my favourite fashion & lifestyle related stories for you and present them to you in all their varying formats. Hence, I am making sure that you get your Sunday read. In addition, I aspire to get you inspired and informed by this article. Basically, perfectly ready to start the new week.

In today’s The Edit #19: influencer interview, My Bardot Look, John Mackey, The Honey Mud, Chocolatey Pancakes…

  1. The Read: I got this very interesting interview right into my inbox. Influencer Darcy Fogg got interviewed by WGSN and spoke about her blogging career. The interview is truly inspiring and a lovely read. Hence, if you are interested in the influencer scene this one is for you. The blogger talks about growing her travel and fashion blog from the ground up and building a following. Lastly, she gives an insight on some of her favourite travel spots.
  2. The Watch: I don’t know about you but I might have been living under a rock. Well, not anymore. I finally discovered Violette Grey or more precisely her insanely inspirational video creations. They are definitely a work of art I need to introduce into my life. One of the videos I love the most is called My Bardot Look. Have a watch but don’t blame me for getting addicted.
  3. The Listen: A podcast that got me all ears this week is an interview with John Mackey. Mackey is the founder of Wholefoods. He got interviewed on The Rich Roll Podcast. In the interview, Rich and Mackey are talking about conscious capitalism and building an empire. In addition, they talk about the power of plants to heal and thrive. Definitely, one of my favourite topics. You might already know that if you have listened to the newest episode of The Lifestyle Memo.
  4. The Must Buy: There is this one product that is on my beauty wishlist for ages by now. Nevertheless, I haven’t made the purchase so far. However, I’ve put it on the must buy list for the month of June. You are probably curious which product I am talking about. Well, I am talking about The Honey Mud by May Lindstrom. I’ve heard so many good things about it but the price is truly an investment. Nonetheless, I really want to have the promised spa experience. Hence, treat my face through the application of raw honey, white halloysite clay and aromatic pure plant oils. In addition, the product caters as a cleanser and as a mask. Well, who doesn’t love a two in one product?
  5. The Recipe: Guess, what I had for breakfast this Sunday morning. Oh yes, Mummy and I baked a batch of Chocolatey Pancakes with an added chocolate caramel sauce. You might have seen the pancake party on my Instagram Stories (@bycarinajung). I am hereby providing you with the heavenly and super easy recipe. I know you’ll love it very much.

The Edit #19