It’s Sunday again. I don’t know what it is about today, but after having the best night of sleep, I truly needed those solid uninterrupted eight hours, I feel like crawling under my duvet and simply relax the entire day. However, that is not possible. There is some work that has to be done. Anyhow, here is your weekly The Edit #26. Enjoy the read. This collection is exactly what I would go for on a day like this one whilst being dressed in pyjamas with cosy socks on my feet.

In today’s The Edit #26: Models are the new publishers, mindfulness, Hot Mess, Ikea x Hay, Quick Lunch Smoothie…

  1. The Read: Models are the new publishers. I got this interesting article by BOF right into my inbox. The new keyword to success in the model business is the voice, not the face. The new talents have partially a larger audience than some of the media outlets they are usually portrayed in. The industry realises that the talent is the new distributor of the message and therefore becomes a media buy. Models finally get their own voice and turn into their own brands. In the end, to be successful in today’s model industry, you might want to consider to come with a following attached to get into the business in the first place.
  2. The Watch: This week was all about morning routines and rituals. Oh well, which week isn’t? However, since I’ve talked a lot about morning routines with Mackenzie Belcastro on the latest podcast episode, I thought it is only suitable to insert a video here on the same topic. In the video fitness and lifestyle blogger, Zanna Van Dijk talks about her Mindfulness Daily Practices and shares her morning & evening routine. I simply love learning about other people’s rituals since they alway inspire me to nail my own to the point. Besides, morning routines and rituals are changing over time. So, it is only natural to implement new habits as you go. Therefore inspiration is just great. Anyhow, don’t get me wrong, I love my current routine. You can hear all about it in episode #05 of The Lifestyle Memo.
  3. The Listen: I heard about this book on one of the podcasts I listen to. The book is called Hot Mess and is written by the author Lucy Vine. Obviously, I listened to the book in audio format. Otherwise, I wouldn’t put it in The Listen section. The book is a coming-of-age story with a single heroine who doesn’t follow the official plan of life. I loved the story. It was truly refreshing and empowering. The perfect book to take away on summer holiday, if you ask me.
  4. The Must Buy: When I found out about the Ikea x Hay collaboration, I was really sad about the fact that I do not own a constant home to decorate. However, I told my Mum about it. So, at least she will be able to find some gems amongst the collection. I simply love the furniture and decor Ikea and Hay created. The pieces look so unique and charming. You need to check out the collection that will hit the stores October 2017.
  5. The Recipe: I love the simplicity of a smoothie. Well, most of my smoothies end up in bowls because that way there is more space for toppings and I am eating much slower since I have to take spoon full by spoon full. In any case, I always fall for the colour palette of a smoothie. The same happened this time. Therefore, the smoothie made it right into my foods & recipes folder on Instagram. Almond milk, vanilla protein, raspberries, zucchini and cashew butter sound like a match made in heaven. The recipe of this Quick Lunch Smoothie is by Nutrition Stripped and can be found on her Instagram.

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