You might have always been wondering, where does she get all this valuable information from. Hence, in the past week, I have published an entire article on some of my Personal Sources Of Knowledge & Inspiration. However, for those of you, who do not find the time to go through all those resources, I comprise the best information in the weekly The Edit. This way you will always have a great insight into the fashion & lifestyle industry. Moreover, I leave you with inspiration to go about your week and provide you with topics of conversation.

In today‚Äôs The Edit #35: Anti-Pollution, Janni Deler, Growth Hacker Marketing, Grey Roll-Neck, Cheesy Cauliflower Rice & Brokkoli Bake…

  1. The Read: It’s all about ‘anti-pollution’ skincare. This term has been thrown around for quite a while now. These days, I am confident that it is also exactly what Millennials are looking for when it comes to skincare. Our awareness of a polluted living environment definitely makes us want to protect the skin we are in. Heads up for marketers, we are making it easy for them since they can draw us in by the simple term. Read the article about the new buzzword called ‘anti-pollution’ on BoF.
  2. The Watch: I might have been living under a rock but even though I was following Janni Deler (@jannid) on Instagram for a while now, I never made the move to her blog and Youtube. All I can say is, I am obsessed with her vlogs. This has to be quite meaningful because usually I prefer curated videos over vlogs. However, besides her beauty and personality, I know what draws me in so much. It’s the stunning quality of her shots. She shoots her material with a Leica camera and to say the least, it’s the camera that I am dreaming about every single day. Hence, if you are imagery obsessed like I am, you will understand my feelings, thinking about this gem.
  3. The Listen: I’ve just finished the Growth Hacker Marketing book by Ryan Holiday. It is a huge must read for everyone interested in marketing, launching a product or service and those of us who attend marketing courses at University. The book goes hand in hand with the information you get taught at University. However, Ryan Holiday will broaden your horizon by breaking down the new form of marketing called growth hacking that brings success to companies like Instagram and Uber. Hence, the book covers the future of PR, the testable, trackable and scalable approaches that replace traditional marketing and the importance of your core product. Believe me, when I say, it’s an audiobook you have to listen to.
  4. The Must Buy: It’s all about grey this season. No wonder the last three knit sweaters I bought are all in grey hues. So, if you want to keep warm in style, I’d highly recommend investing in a grey roll-neck or cashmere jumper.
  5. The Recipe: This one is definitely for weekend dinners where you are available to spend some more time in the kitchen. Anyhow, when I saw this dish, I was very intrigued by its macronutrient value. No grain, just cauliflower and the best non-dairy cheese sauce. Oh, yes. Cheesy Cauliflower Rice & Brokkoli Bake it is.

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