Hey you,

during my on-going search for more natural alternatives regarding beauty products, I stumbled across these two glorious items. I am so in love with the warm natural colour of the eyeshadow by Kjaer Weis. It gives such a nice autumnal touch to the overall eye make-up. The eyeshadows name is wisdom. I guess that is already a good reason to fall for it. Moreover, the powdery texture is easy to apply and blends perfectly with the other eyeshadows that I use for the eye grease and to highlight the inner eye corner as well as the brow bone. Even though the eyeshadow colour cannot fully compete with my favourite brownish colour by Urban Decay, I will try out different colours by Kjaer Weis in the future. The texture and application of the eyeshadow convinced me. Additionally, I fell for the wonderful elegant packaging. It radiates class and simplicity. I am in awe.

Furthermore, I came across this nice lipgloss by ILIA. I really like the rose colour and its texture, though I would like to find a lipgloss that is even more glossy and less creamy. However, it should still be nourishing my lips and be a natural product. If you have any recommendations let me know. Nevertheless, the lipgloss goes perfectly with the colour of the eyeshadow and enables me to create a natural and simple yet autumnal and warm look.

I hope you are having a beautiful day or night!