Hey you,

last week I bought some new goodies. First of all, I got this hilariously good facial powder from by Terry. The powder gives my make up a nice natural finish and a sheer touch while reducing unwanted shiny parts. The skin does not feel dry and the powder is very nurturing, which is because of the added hyaluronic acid. I can only recommend this finishing powder. It is the first one which really wins me over. The company also says that you can use it before going to bed for an even more caring effect, but for now I will only use it during the day. I am more the type of person who thinks the fewer products the better. For sure they should have the right quality. Second I got myself some new brushes from Annayake. I thought they looked so cute with their red tips and coming with this classic velvet bag. Overall they feel very good used on the skin. My last purchase was a new mascara because my old one dried out. This time I bought a mascara from Annayake. I already had one from this brand some time ago and I must say it convinced me again this time. It gives a nice volume to my lashes and I already got asked a few times what mascara I use, because it looks so good. Now I will start preparing my evening meal. I got so hungry writing this post. Oh, and I just wanted to add that I am planning to do a makeup routine in the near future. Do you have some thoughts to it?

Have a gorgeous evening, everyone.