And I am back in Rotterdam for the next couple of months. Well, these pictures have still been taken in Mannheim. Isn’t it strange how life changes from one day to another? Maybe not. However, it is truly fascinating how one day I can live surrounded by my family and the next day I am living on my own again, meeting friends on occasion. Since moving out the first time about three years ago, I’ve actually enjoyed living on my own quite a lot. Surely, I would love to share my life and living space one day but for now, I am quite happy with my current living situation. I must confess The Netherlands will never be my favourite place to live. In my opinion, it is way to rainy and cold here. Oh, and I am surely missing a bunch of stylish fashion people. Milan was definitely a treat for that.

After all, I don’t feel as welcome around here, even though, I got my two best friends closer than anywhere else. However, us all leading busy lives makes it feel almost the same as in the days where we are living further apart. Maybe, I should leave my house and sit in cafés to write these articles? Or would I be too much of a cliche? Actually, I’ve always dreamed of doing that. I’ll keep you posted as soon as you can find me in one of my favourite restaurants to work.

The Look

As for today, let’s talk about my MaxMara coat obsession. I must confess this one is borrowed from my Mum but it will definitely be the one coat that I will invest in this year. It is so effortlessly chic. Basically, this coat embodies me in a piece of clothing. The grey works so perfectly with my mostly white, blue and grey coloured wardrobe. The coat doesn’t require any accessories or special outfit to go underneath. It is perfect as it is. Nonetheless, I fancied to pair it with a special pair of boots. I fell head over heels in love with my new Lemon Jelly rain boots. Has a rain boot every looked so stylish? Oh, and this green is definitely an eye-catcher. Please, can I never take these off again? By the way, I haven’t even mentioned the fact that all Lemon Jelly shoes actually do smell like lemon juice. Reminding me of the saying, if someone gives you lemon juice make lemonade. Perfectly, to fight those grey and rainy days, don’t you think?

*In kind collaboration with Lemon Jelly [PR Sample]