Hey you,

I am always shocked about the influence the weather has on a humans mood. Honestly, the past few days whilst the sun started to show itself from time to time, I felt so much more lighthearted again. When you wake up and the first thing you see are the light pink blossoms decorating the tree outside your window, it feels like you woke up on the right foot.

Therefore, I am currently tiptoeing my way into my spring wardrobe. I know that the weather is not stable yet but to speak the truth, I simply cannot see my winter sweaters any longer. Writing this I get even more excited for the upcoming season. Strawberries, sunrays, an abundance of flowers, and dinners by daylight. You name it, I love it. The only bummer is that I immediately started sneezing over the last couple of days. However, that will pass as soon as all has blossomed properly, I hope.

Fashion-wise, I am all about those lightweight sweaters, shirts and blouses when it comes to the spring season. Of course, being a reader of this platform, you’ll probably know that I love basic pieces with a twist. This concept also made me fall for the sweater portrayed in this post. The pearls along the sleeves and the subtle cold shoulder detail definitely drew me in. Besides that, the sweater is super lightweight and soft. It’s definitely the perfect companion for any casual day. Mind me, there’s always potential to dress it up or down.

I hope you are in as much spring anticipation as I am. You must be, at least after taking a look at this article and the images included. Anyhow, I am wishing you a beautiful day.

Pants-Abercrombie, Sweater-Zara