Slowly we are getting back onto the usual schedule. Hence, here is The Edit #30 perfectly in time on a Sunday. In case you are new to The Edit is there to provide you with information on articles, videos and more that are worth the consumption.

In today’s The Edit #30: Cinque Terre, creative video ideas, blogging tips, Burberry sweaters, low in grains Bircher…

  1. The Read: Being in Milan, I am dreaming about traveling to Cinque Terre. Let’s see if I can make it happen. In any case, I stumbled across this incredibly helpful article by The Fashion Fraction that provides you with a travel guide to this part of Italy. Besides, the images in the article are simply gorgeous and make me want to go there even more.
  2. The Watch: There is some form of creativity that I still strive to pursue. I would love to create videos featuring my outfits but in a very creativity and story like way. One of the videos that truly inspired me recently is by a German blogger called Teetharejade. Hence, her video truly got me into planning my own video related dreams that I hope to pursue in the nearest future.
  3. The Listen: This one is incredibly inspiring for all of us bloggers out there. Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential yet again put out an amazing podcast episode with her husband all about blogging, influencers, and tips regarding these areas. Have a listen and get inspired. In addition, don’t forget to listen to the newest episode of The Lifestyle Memo. It is all about moving abroad and why doing so.
  4. The Must Buy: Seriously, I fell in love with Burberry’s F/W2017 sweater collection. I’ve already laid my eyes on specific items during the F/W2017 presentation a couple of months ago but now that the weather is going to dive into sweater season, I really want to get my hands on one of those lovely sweaters. However, I cannot decide between two. The sweaters I am talking about are super different in style. So, you might want to help me choose. Which one would you pick?
  5. The Recipe: I am going to try this recipe the upcoming week. However, first I have to stock up on all the required ingredients since I came to Italy with basically nothing. Honestly, I only brought my most important superfood powders & adaptogens with me. Anyway, the recipe for a raw nuts and seeds Bircher by Loni Jane really caught my attention. As I am trying to not eat grains with every single meal of the day, a Bircher like this truly comes in handy. Besides, it goes hand in hand with the fat and protein rich breakfasts I am having lately. With those, I’ve noticed that they keep me satisfied for much longer and they are a game changer in stabilizing the mood and hormones.

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