Hey you,

I am a very lucky girl. The brand MUMA send me over their so called ‘health sprinkle’. I was very excited when the package arrived and I was absolutely eager to try it out. The health sprinkle coming in a bag is also called ‘Raw Core Love’. One ‘bag’ is filled with chia seeds, quinoa flakes, sunflower meal, psyllium husk, linseed meal, millet meal and poppy seeds. As you can see these are all natural ingredients. There are no additives in it. On top of that the product is suitable for people with gluten intolerance. I guess the product is just perfect to get your goods in by just sprinkling some of it over your smoothies, mueslis or even over breads and lunch.
Referring myself to the taste, I have to say that it just tastes like grains and seeds do usually taste. Over all I enjoy using the product. Instead of opening millions of packages to load different seeds and grains onto my food, I just have to open one. Easy. This is really good if you don’t have that much time to prepare meals.
Besides look at the packaging! Isn’t it cute? I just love reading all the stuff written on the bag.

If you like the pictures of my delicious smoothie bowl, here is the recipe!


2 bananas (frozen or not)
1-2 handfuls frozen raspberries
1/4 of cucumber
1 pear
3 dates
1 tsp açaí powder
maybe some plant milk to get a more fluid consistence

Just mix everything in your blender and top it with the MUMA sprinkle, shredded coconut and cacao nibs. Enjoy.

Have a wonderful day.




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