Hey you,

I thought it would be quite interesting to display my favourite products of the year 2015 in one post. I would repurchase every single one of those beauty products. I can not imagine to live without them anymore. For sure when I find even better products, it would be possible that I replace one or another.

Starting with the hair section my absolute favourite shampoo is the ‘living proof.‘ hair shampoo. This shampoo and the additional conditioner are the best hair cleansers and soothers I could find in all those years looking for a product that suits my hair. In my opinion it is quite hard to find a good hair product especially when you have very sensitive hair like me but this ‘restore’ shampoo really cuts right to the chase of the matter. It lets my hair glow and all of that without any nasties included. This brand really did a good job.

Continuing with the eyes, I am still a lover of the ‘bioderma’ eye cleanser. I guess, I am on my fourth or fifth bottle by now but I lost track of the actual number. Truth is that this cleanser is the only one that doesn’t irritate my skin or burns my eyes. So I have to tell you, it’s a clear winner.

Skin-wise I am currently super happy with the ‘Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Creams‘. There is one product for my lips, one for dry skin and one for daily moisturisation. The facial cream also contains SPF, so it’s quite protective and a go-to product. These creams are really the only ones that help me to get through the cold winter days with somewhat soothed skin.

Another little helper to nurture my skin is the ‘Ren‘ facial mask. It immediately soothes the dry patches and helps to soften the skin. After washing the mask off, the face gets a wonderful healthy look and seems to adapt a radiant glow.

My favourite products make-up-wise are the highlighter and bronzer from ‘Bobbi Brown’. Both products perfectly outline the wonderful features of ones face and therefor I love them both. I use them on a daily base and I couldn’t be happier by doing so. On top of that and to round this all up I thought adding my favourite and most used lipstick would be appropriate. The ‘Mac‘ lipstick is called ‘Viva Glam V‘ and the color is kind of brownish. In general it adds a nice touch to every look, day or night. It can be a real allrounder.

Last but not least there is this magical powder which holds the foundation in place without looking caky or doll-like. The ‘By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder‘ is a double win. I know it’s not the cheapest face powder on earth but it is the best I’ve ever tried. Believe me I tried lots. The powder is super gentle to the skin. You could even wear it while going to bed. On top of that the hyaluronic acid is quite beneficial for our skin. It helps to keep the skin hydrated. I just purchased a new ‘Hydra Powder‘. The old one was empty after almost one year of every day use. Oh and before I forget to mention it, the powder really prevents the face from shining for a long time. Sounds good, right?

Enjoy your day and think about investing in one of those products. You won’t regret it. Promise.