Hey you,

today my best friend and I did a shopping trip to Frankfurt. I bought a few pretty pieces and some healthy food. We also had an incredibly delicious cake at ‘Rag Bar’ and a wonderful dinner. I will show you my purchases soon. I am so happy that the weather was that good today. It feels like the summer is coming to Germany, eventually.

But today I am showing you the last pictures of my Fuerteventura holidays. These are just some bikini photos in a nice H&M bikini, which looks nearly like one from Seafolly. I don’t know if you can relate to it, but I just cannot go swimming in salty water with an expensive bikini on, so I always take affordable ones with me.

I am at home for half an hour know, but I have to go again already to help a good friend to install her new iPhone.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.
You will hear from me again soon.

Have a wonderful evening, guys!