Hey you,

I am sorry for not updating the blog but I didn’t have any good internet connection recently. I was away travelling to Munich and Leipzig. It is quite nice to be home again. Though the only thing that sucks is that I have a major cold. I hope it gets better soon. Besides I wanted to tell you a bit about my small journeys. I went to Munich mainly to visit one of the best friends I have and to attend the Oktoberfest. It was my first time visiting the Oktoberfest and I really enjoyed it. For those who are curious, there are pictures of me wearing a ‘Dirndl’ on Instagram. While I was in Munich I was the happiest person on earth as always. I cannot wait to spend some more time there. I went home last sunday and on monday I continued my journey to Leipzig where I worked a week for my internship company. The upcoming week I am starting my internship for real back in Mannheim. In Leipzig I spent some time wandering around. The city is incredibly beautiful. I stayed in a nice hotel and ate lots of food at Dean&David because it was close to my working space and it offers plant-based food. On my trips I also purchased some stuff. I will show it to you in one of my upcoming posts. Oh, don’t wonder about the animal pictures. I had some spare time in Leipzig and because of lots of recommendations I visited the zoo. It was quite funny but I am sure I would have enjoyed it even more when I was younger. I wasn’t too impressed by all those animals. Okay, I was really excited about the elephants and the sloth. Quite funny, I know.

I hope you also had a good week and are now enjoying your weekend to the fullest. I am going to bed soon, hoping to get some rest and to regain my healthy self.

Sleep well, guys.