Hey you,

after uploading photos while using the hotel internet failed, here comes the first post with photos of my trip to Fuerteventura. Guys, I have to confess I am a total lover for everything that is connected to the sea, the beach and the sun. I could not have been more lucky. When I looked out my window I had an unlimited few onto the great ocean. The pictures of this post are just some impressions I got while reaching the status of deep relaxation. Every single day I went swimming, had a lot of good healthy food and did at least one sports activity like bodywork or aerobics. I also got myself a tan which makes me feel so much better and gives such a nice glow to my appearance. I went there with my family, so we also did some easter celebration and my mummy gifted my a yummy chocolate tasting like heaven. In the next days you can keep an eye open for more blogposts on here. I photographed a few outfits and did a bikini session while being at the sea. So stay tuned.

Have a wonderful evening and dream yourself to the ocean.