Hey you,

did you all sleep well? I am so restless at the moment. Every time when I try to fall asleep, my mind just won’t shut up. I am always starting to think about possibilities, wishes, the future, current happenings and often I even start thinking about posts aka the texts I want to write in the future. I feel like I am developing some kind of insomnia or I am just to creative to start sleeping early. Or is it the moon? I’ll keep you updated on how this turns out. Currently I am searching for foods which ease the ‘falling asleep’ process. Wish me luck!

Now back to what I want to write about in the first place. I recently bought the ‘YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation‘ after having an eye on it for over a year. Guys, I am so happy with my purchase. This foundation is worth every cent. The thing I love about it, is that it is very lightweight and you can easily apply it. The texture does spread evenly across the face and it smoothes the complexion. For those who want thick coverage, this foundation is the wrong product. It does not cover all the blemishes and red spots across the face. The thing it does is illuminating the face and it gives it a healthy and even glow. My face is very spot and blemish free but in case I have to cover something up I am using my ‘YSL Concealer‘ or for even better coverage I am owning the ‘Mac Studio Finish Concealer‘. Another current obsession of mine is the ‘Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca Parfum‘ which is fresh and dark at once. It is not to heavy and not to light. It is just perfect for sulky autumn days. You can smell characters of orange blossom and the base is all about musk, amber and cedar wood. You just have to try it out in your perfumery shop. Eventually I have to loose a few words about my new love ‘the hair brush‘. This brush from ‘Hercules Sägemann’ is amazing. It is a very gentle hair brush and it detangles dry as well as wet hair very easily. Besides, it looks very pretty.

Now I have to get ready! There is much work to do today and this evening I am going to try out a new sort of fitness routine. Sounds like an exciting day is waiting for me!

A wonderful day, everyone!