Hey you,

how was your weekend? Tomorrow I have school again and I am still searching for some motivation. There is only one month of school left and then I am done until attending university at the end of the year. So I guess I should be more motivated. I am still dreaming about the ocean and feeling the warm sun on my body. Here it is raining since yesterday and it’s so cloudy. I guess my tan will fade in no time, but I will try everything to maintain it. I just love how it makes you look so fresh. In the following photos I am wearing a bikini from triangl swimwear who were so kind to sponsor it to me. I really like how it fits so well, but I guess it wouldn’t survive salty water and sand, so I only wore it while sunbathing. I will go to bed now, because I am unbelievably tired and I will dream about Fuerteventura and other beautiful sunny places.

Sleep well, guys.