A couple of weeks ago I talked about the new skincare buzzword that is ‘anti-pollution’. The word came to me whilst researching through my favourite source The Business of Fashion. The article that got my attention talked about the fact that millennials are not only looking for anti-ageing properties and other skincare perks. Instead, they are focusing on healthy and protective products. Thanks to all the news about environmental pollution, the skincare industry can really draw on the benefits by offering protective measures. Anyhow, the article was even more relevant to me, since I noticed that living in a highly polluted city like Milan makes your skin suffer. Most of my fellow exchange students, as well as I, had to experience the fact that arriving in Milan, it is very likely for your pores to get clogged up and suddenly you seem to be battling some form of acne which you never did before.

Therefore, I made it my mission to find the solution in skincare, since I already knew that my diet was still as clean as it can be for the most part. I would like to call myself the queen of skincare. After all, I was able to find a perfect solution to get my skin’s health back to normal. One key product, I wanted to mention is the U.F.O serum by the brand Sunday Riley. Applying it twice a day had a huge impact in clearing up my skin and renewing its surface thanks to the added Salicylic Acid. A true game changer.

Other than that, there are three more products on the list that contribute to healthier and protected skin.


The products that I am about to introduce to you are all incredible, based on the fact that they are not only non-toxic and natural products but also provide the highest performance one can possibly wish for. Evolve Beauty is an organic brand that I discovered on Content Beauty. The company is UK based and offers skincare with simple, clean and efficient ingredients. In addition, the products are super affordable. Since I needed something to replace my empty cleanser, I ordered the Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt.

The gentle cleanser turns out to be very soothing and nourishing on my skin. It is perfect for dry skin but also suitable for any other skin type since it is not leaving an oily residue either. Furthermore, it is scented with organic Vanilla and Rose which contributes to an even more pleasant cleansing experience. Most importantly, the cleanser contains Baobab which provides your skin with Vitamin C and Vanilla which is known for its anti-oxidative effect.

There are two more products that completely stepped up my anti-pollution and acne-fighting skincare game. Both products are by the brand Indie Lee. The first product is the Clearing Mask that clarifies and decongests pores and decreases the likelihood of further breakouts. The water-based product wins through the properties of Bentonite Clay, Zinc Oxide, Colloidal Sulfur, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid. These key ingredients truly clear up the skin.

The second product is the Blemish Lotion that I’ve talked about before in a previous article. Its main ingredients are Purified Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Colloidal Sulfur, Zinc Oxide and Salicylic Acid. Applied to spots and clogged pored the solution works wonders and drys out the problem areas in a gentle way. The lotion truly speeds up the healing process and gets rid of the most unwanted impurities.


I like to start my evening skincare routine by taking off my makeup with coconut oil. As a second step, I cleanse my face with the Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt. The natural sugar extract contained in the cleanser turns into a creamy milk when combined with water which effortlessly rinses away the day’s crime on your face and leaves it clean, calm and hydrated. A couple of times during the week or whenever needed, I continue my skincare routine by applying the Clearing Mask by Indie Lee. Most nights, after applying the U.F.O serum and my preferred moisturizer, I complete my routine with the Blemish Lotion and apply it to the areas that require an extra anti-pollution skincare solution.