Hey you,

this is the last look I’ll be sharing from Paris. Honestly, if I don’t know what to wear you’ll either find me wearing a plain white t-shirt or a classic shirt. The same goes for when I am packing. If I don’t know how the weather is going to be like, I throw one of my classic shirts into my suitcase. This leaves me with the knowledge that when I’ll be wearing it, I’ll feel confident and put together. Overall, a classic button-down shirt is always appropriate and oh so versatile.

Sometimes I like to give the shirt a little twist. This can surely be done by some cool cut jeans, some fancy sneakers or the right handbag. However, it is much easier to dress it up with a luxurious feel scarf. To tell you the truth, you can spot me running around with my Louis Vuitton square almost every day the past couple of weeks. It’s like an instant outfit elevator. No heels or fancy pants needed. However, they are welcome, if you wish.

Well, I am telling you, this particular scarf and a shirt are my favourite classic combination. I might need more and diverse carrés to up my fashion game. For now, I’ll stick with my favourite combination, though. I am confident it will get me well dressed through the spring season.

On a side note, only a few more days until the start of my internship. I sincerely hope I will be able to keep up with my favourite activity in the world and continue to regularly publish new content. At least, I am sure Hamburg as a city itself will leave me with quite some inspiration. So, as long as I set my priorities right everything should be doable.

I hope you are having an amazing week.