I already teased you about this one on my Instagram feed. So, here we go with yet another beauty-related article. After all, we do not only want to get our wardrobe fall and winter-ready but also create gorgeous natural beauty enhancing looks on our faces. In that sense, I love to elongate the summer glow on my face and take it into the colder season. There is nothing better than creating the illusion of liquid gold when it comes to our appearance. Don’t we all want to look healthy and radiant all year round? Anyhow, keep in mind to opt for the healthy makeup options in order to keep your skin happy.


It’s all about those warm tones. Surely, these RMS Beauty items are suitable all year round. However, I love how they extend the warmth of late summer days at least on my face. Did you notice, how much I talk about late summer? It must be caused by my love for those warm sun rays tickling my face all these days. If you are not sure which mood I am talking about, you can have a look at one of my recent outfit articles that perfectly sums up my feelings in a series of beautiful images. Back to the products. There are three items that just recently made it into my makeup bag. (Any recommendations for a beautiful but lightweight and huge makeup bag? I am currently using plastic bags. No joke.)

One of the items is a very beautiful warm-toned contour bronze. The contour bronze by RMS Beauty includes ashy and copper hues. In addition, it also has a slight shimmer to it. So far, I’ve loved using the mat cream bronzer by Tata Harper. However, I couldn’t find it anywhere. At first, I was sceptic about the shimmer of the RMS Beauty contour bronze. Luckily, it turned out to look incredibly beautiful on the skin. You don’t notice the shimmer once the contour bronze is applied to your skin. It rather creates a beautiful glow that enhances the entire face.

Furthermore, I bought two more products by RMS Beauty that were on my wishlist for quite a while. Both of the products simply have to go together. Anyway, I am talking about eyeshadows here. I love wearing the colours Sunset Beach and Tabacco Road on my eyes. This combination truly creates a hue of liquid gold. Hence, it very much reminds me of golden sun rays touching slightly tanned skin. In addition, I’ve been looking for beautiful non-toxic powder eyeshadows for quite a while now. I must say RMS Beauty continues to amaze me. The colours are gorgeous, the colour payoff is beautiful, and the quality included in those beautiful tiny boxes is simply outstanding.


I am determined to film another video for you, where I’ll be applying the aforementioned┬ábeauty products. The video concept is already existent in my mind. Hence, stay tuned for a slightly different and even more exciting style of video.

As for now, I would recommend applying the RMS Beauty contour bronze in the hollows of your cheeks and down the sides of your nose. I love blending everything in with my beauty blender. You can also watch me contouring in one of my previous makeup tutorials.

In regard to the RMS Beauty eyeshadows, I suggest you apply the lighter colour all over your eyelid and in the inner corner of your eye. The darker shade is perfect for creating depth in the crease and it can also be applied to the outer corners underneath the eye. This application definitely creates an all-time favourite eye look of mine. I love how it is suitable for any occasion and how it enhances your personal eye colour.