In today’s The Edit #39: 4 Key Themes Shaping Fashion and the Wider World, The Gender Revolution is here: ‘We Can Limit Suffering’, @bycarinajung on Apple Music, Christmas Gift Guide, Pumpkin Pie Dream Bars…

  1. The Read: The past week the Business of Fashion Voices summit took place. During the event, 4 Key Themes Shaping Fashion and the Wider World got highlighted. I think all of them are quite important to familiarize yourself with at least a little. Especially when you are interested in the fashion and luxury business like I am. The 4 key themes are The Age of Anxiety, Cross-Industry Collaboration, The Future Is Here, and The Inclusivity Revolution. To learn more about each topic in more detail have a look at the article or go back and consume the Voices 2017 content on the BoF platform.
  2. The Watch: I believe that this talk has truly opened my eyes to the gender issue in ways I’ve never thought about before. It was truly coincidental that I watched the talk by Laith Ashley, Hanne Gabie Odiele, and Phillip Picardi. I was watching parts of the BoF Voices lifestream and that was when the interview came on. So, if you are curious about the topic around gender you might want to watch The Gender Revolution is here: ‘We Can Limit Suffering’. It will truly open up your eyes and mind. Promise.
  3. The Listen: Any Apple Music users out there? Well, I opened up my playlists for you. It’s very simple. You can find me on your Apple Music account by searching for @bycarinajung. Anyhow, I’ve created this beautiful playlist for you to enjoy with me. It’s called November 2017 and it is still going strong. Think of songs by Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, The Chainsmokers, Sam Smith and other great artists. In addition, I am currently planning to create a December and Christmas inspired playlist for you as well. Especially, because we all need to listen to as many Christmas songs as possible to get us into the right spirit after all.
  4. The Must Buy: It is time to buy Christmas presents. Hence, I am happy to inform you that I am already working on those required Christmas gift guides. I mean, we cannot go a year without those, can we? Stay tuned, the wishlist inspiration is coming to you in the upcoming week. I’ll make sure to include everything I am getting for my loved ones and everything that I think would be a great gift either way.
  5. The Recipe: I  must say the one thing that I will certainly do when getting home is creating those incredibly delicious looking Pumpkin Pie Dream Bars. I am a hundred percent confident that these bars will be tasting out of this world. Additionally, they just look so cute and I can already picture them going well with my Instagram feed. Sorry, I know, I am always thinking in pictures. The recipe is by Alison Wu and I can only highly recommend you to check it out.

(Image Sources: @alison__wu, BoF)