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I hope you are having a wonderful day. The only thing on my mind just now is the incredibly delicious dinner I had about a few minutes ago. Can you imagine cauliflower steak, chilli avocado quinoa, and a tomato bean hummus? Yes, you read that right. It was too delicious, to be honest, and so wonderfully luxurious for a Sunday dinner with my Mum. By the way, another incredible thing is the fact that today was so warm that it was possible to sit outside until now. Well, enough talking about my dinner. Today’s articles in The Edit are some of my favourites. So much interesting stuff coming at you. Enjoy the read.

In today’s The Edit #11: Fast fashion, fast consumption, research on mood and positivity, weekly podcast favourite, the thirsty avocado…

  1. Fast fashion is getting even faster. An article by Quartz with statistics by Goldman Sachs talks about the phenomenon that Zara and H&M seem to fall behind. Companies like Asos and Boohoo that sell solely online appear to have a faster supply chain. Therefore, their sales rise at a much faster pace whilst Zara and H&M slow down the opening of stores and desperately try to focus more on the online world. Additionally, the latter are trying to bring their suppliers closer in order to get the clothes faster into their stores. I, myself, find this worrying. As you can see in the second bullet point faster fashion comes with detrimental consequences.
  2. Today’s model of clothing production is clearly outdated. Especially, when it comes to the production of fast fashion. Over the past 15 years, people started consuming twice as much fashion items as before. The fact is that fast fashion caters this need of garbaging fashion possessions faster by producing up to 20 collections a year. There is truly a need to stop this and make clothing items more durable as well as sustainable. Luckily, there is a slow but innovative change towards the better. However, I truly think it is also up to the people to buy more consciously. Stock up on timeless pieces, peeps. Well, and don’t go too overboard with the trends.
  3. I don’t know about you but I am guilty of it. I am aware of the benefits of meditation and have noticed the incredibly life changing results myself. However, I still constantly fall off the bandwagon. This has to come to an end, though. After repeatedly stumbling upon research on mood and positivity, I cannot ignore this profound knowledge. Loving and kindness meditation can truly create a more positive person with the added benefits of inflammation reduction, better control of blood sugars, fast recovery from sickness, and improved overall well-being.
  4. It kind of turned into a habit of mine to include a podcast, I loved the past week, into this weekly The Edit. Anyhow, my favourite podcast to listen to over the last couple of days was the one by The Balanced Blonde and her guest Lee From America. I truly enjoy following the journey of both girls on a weekly basis and find their content super inspiring. They really encapsulate everything I love about wellness. It is so refreshing to see two people being so authentic and open on social media and providing such an interesting inside into the LA-based wellness scene. Being based here in Europe watching this space is always very intriguing.
  5. Well, this article I actually read offline. Can you believe it? Yes, I do read text on paper as well. Anyhow, to get to the point, you might have heard the recent claim that eating avocados is excruciatingly bad for the environment. To cut a long story short, this is the new claim with which carnivores try to fight the plant-based movement. It probably replaces the protein issue, now that we’ve solved that one. Howsoever, I found an incredible article based on scientific facts, showing off the differences in the environmental impact of avocados and meat products. Well, a kilogramme of thirsty avocado needs 1000 litres of water to be produced. A kilogramme of meat needs about 15000 litres of water to end up on your plate. I am staying on team avocado. To be honest, this was never in question.

The Edit #11