Hey you,

I inherit this feeling of being incomplete on days where I did not touch my perfume bottle to dispense some of the enchanting scented dust around me. Perfume for me is memories in a bottle. A specific scent reminds me of the place I bought the perfume and of everything I experienced wearing it. I feel like a perfume in a certain way dresses you. So I am not one to change up my perfume at all times. I have my favourites and only rarely I bring in a new addition or let go of an older bottle or should I say older memories. Astoundingly enough, the perfumes I own all have their similarities. I can only assume this is what makes them so suitable for me. Since the same perfume develops entirely different on each and everyone, I was never eager to buy the scents everyone got for themselves. The popular ones. I rather like to select my very own precious finds and most likely I end up with a pretty exclusive collection.

Currently, I am using two perfumes. One is very much for the summer time, whereas the other one is rather suitable for the winter months. Funnily enough, I fell in love with both of those perfumes simply by reading their scent descriptions. Of course, I went in stores to try them out and was astonished by how accurate my prediction was to fall in love with both scents.

The one represented below is my latest addition and as you can probably tell by its name, it is made to be worn throughout the colder months. I would tell you that the perfume smells like being around the fireplace but I have to say that wearing it brings out a rather unique and indescribable scent. However, the scent is incredibly good and very attractive indeed.

Replica ‘By The Fireplace’-Maison Margiela